Kankasanthure Lighthouse (KKS) – කන්කසන්තුරේ ප්‍රදීපාගාරය

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Kankasanthure (KKS) Lighthouse
Kankasanthure (KKS) Lighthouse

The Kankesanthure lighthouse (Kankesanthurai/KKS) lies in the vicinity of the KKS harbour.

Both the harbour and the lighthouse is surrounded by an ancient fortified wall built by the Portuguese and the Dutch. This lighthouse has been built in 1893 and is 22 metres in height. This lighthouse too has faced the ravages of war with the terrorists and is in a dysfunctional state. The KKS harbour is now used as a Naval base.

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Map of  Kankasanthure (KKS) Lighthouse

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Travel Directions to Kankasanthure Lighthouse

The lighthouse is location deep inside a high security zone controlled by the Sri Lankan Army. You will need special permission enter this area or book “Thal Sevana” holiday resort which is run by them. This resort lies very close to the lighthouse. Facilities of this resort is impressive but comes with a guest service of concentration camp.

Route from Jaffna Town to Kankasanthure Lighthouse

Through : KKS Road
Distance : 19 km
Travel time : 25 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map

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