Tampita Grain Storage Unit at Pallepola Sri Weluwanaramaya – පල්ලේපොල ශ්‍රී වේළුවනාරාමය ටැම්පිට ධාන්‍ය අටුව

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Tampita Vihara architecture was made popular during the Kandyan era. These temples were built on a wooden platform laid on wooden or granite pillars stumps. During this era, same principle was used to build grain storage units at religious places and at homes of nobles who owned large amount of agricultural land. The raised platform helped to keep the rodents and other pests away from the grain.

One of the best restored Wee Atuwa on Pillars (Tampita Grain Storage Unit) lies at the popular Embekke Devalaya

Pallepola is a village lying 20 kms from Galewela on the road to Palapathwela or 12 km from Palapathwela. Pallepola has been part of Monarawila during the Kandyan Era. The temple ground has been where the mansion of the Weera Keppetipola Disawe was built.  Keppetipola Disawe was on of the key figures of the rebellion of 1818 against the British Rule.

In 1817, the British Governor send Keppetipola Disawe with 500 men to suppress the rebellion which was developing aginst the British invasion of Kandyan Kingdom. However, upon meeting the rebels Keppetipola joined them along with his 500 men as their leader at their request. Keppetipola returned his arms and ammunition to the British governor saying that he did not wish to destroy them with their own weapons. Keppetipola continued to lead the rebellion with great success until it was ended with the disbanding of the rebels.

Although the land where his house stood and now become a temple, some of the artifacts from the Mansion still can be found today. The multi grain storage unit on pillars is one such artifact which has been build over 200 years ago.

The unit is about 35 feet long and 12 feet wide. It is compartmentalized internally to stock different grains. The floor is made of wood and the walls are built from wattle and daub. The roof had been tiled with flat clay tiles initially but during a restoration by the archaeological department, they have been replaced by a newer tile.

Although some effort has been spent on partial restoration, its has been not adequate at all. The internal structure has not been touched and is in need of more restoration.

In addtion to this you will also find an ancient image house belonging to the Kandyan Era named Weera Keppetipola Vihara Mandiraya

primary source : www.dinamina.lk – එදා ධාන්‍ය පිරි අද වවුලන් පිරි ටැම්පිට ධාන්‍ය අටු

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Map of  Pallepola Sri Weluwanaramaya

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Traveling Directions to Pallepola Sri Weluwanaramaya

Route from Matale to Pallepola Sri Weluwanaramaya

Through : Palapathwela
Time to spend – 20-30 mins
Distance :19 km
Travel time : 40-45 mins
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