Ethabandigala Pillar Inscription – ඇතාබැඳිගල ගිරි ලිපිය

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As you reach the city of Tissamaharama you will come across 4 ancient stupas lying withing few kilometers. The first you will encounter is Debarawewa Menik Vehera right next to the main road. 500 meters away is the Yatala Vehera and then Tissamaharama Stupa and the Sandagiriya Stupa can be reached.

Next to Menik Vehera lying on a private coconut land is a massive granite pillar with inscriptions which is known as the Ethabendigala ( Etha-Bendi-Gala, Etabendigala) or the pillar where the elephant was tethered. Legend has it that King Dutugemunu tethered his famous elephant ‘Kadol’ at this pillar. It certainly is large and strong enough to retain an elephant.

The Pillar inscription has been dated to 1-2nd centuaries and is being written in ancient sinhalese and mentions two taxes of the village being donated to the temple by Rohinika Gamini Abhaya, a son of king Gamini Abhaya, who is a  grand son of king Devanampiyatissa.

This pillar has been conserved by the department of Archaeology.

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Map of Ethabandigala Pillar Inscription

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Travel Directions to Ethabandigala Pillar Inscription

Route from Tissamaharama to Ethabandigala Pillar Inscription

Through : Weerawila – Debarawewa
Distance : 28 km
Travel time : 45 mins
Driving directions : see on google map


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