Gopala Pabbatha of Ancient Capital of Polonnaruwa – ගෝපාල පබ්බත

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Gopala Pabbahta Cave Complex

Gopala Pabbahta Cave Complex

Gopala Pabbatha in Polonnaruwa is a small cave monastery and also marks the southern boundary of Alahana Pirivena and lies on the north of Rankoth Vehera. You can reach the Gopala Pabbatha from the Rankoth Vehera  which is a collection of natural rock caves located in a serene atmosphere.

This rocky outcrop is known for its two Brahmin inscriptions on the caves which goes back as far as 2nd  century BC. These are the earliest antiquities found in this area and has been home to forest dwelling monks from this time.

Locating this rocky cave complex is not easy. There are no directions or acknowladegement of exisitance of this site along the normal tourist path.

Directions to reach the site.

Once you reach the car park to the Rankoth Vehera, there is gravel path along the walking path to the Rankoth Vehera. Though you could take a vehicle on this road, I am not sure whether its allowed to do so.

Travel about 200 meters until you come to a T junction and turn right to walk parallel to the tourist route. Walking about 80 meters, you will see this rocky outcrop to your right.


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Map of Gopala Pabbatha  at Ancient Capital of  Polonnaruwa

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