Illuppaikadavai Padavuthurai Survey Tower Built by the Colonial Rulers

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This old survey tower is located in Ilukpakadai 04th Gramasewaka division of Manthai West Divisional Secretariat. To reach the temple travel 30 km from Mannar on Poonareen road, turn left at Ilukpakadawai junction and travel 200 meters on Padauthura road, this tower can be seen near a Hindu Kovil.

This tower is between 12-13 meters high. According to legend, it was built by the Portuguese. However most of these Survay towers found in the country has been built during the British Era. The first floor of this tower is 2.31 meters in length and width, and consists of five equilateral floors that gradually get smaller.

This first floor was built using limestone blocks measuring 52 cm long and 18 cm wide, and burnt bricks were used to make the remaining floors. A 1.7 meter high and 78 cm wide arched entrance has been created on the west and east faces of the first part. After entering through this arch, a square horizontal opening is made from the center point of the tower to the top, which is 21 cm in length and width.

The third floor is shorter than the first and second floors. The fourth and fifth floors are built taller than the first three floors. Locals say that there was a wall around this tower in the past which has been destroyed. The tower was gazetted as an archaeological monument on 25 March 2016.

Another similar measuring tower can be seen after 4 km on this Mannar-Jaffna road after turning to Thiruketheeswaram Kovil. The tower consists of four floors.


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Map of Illuppaikadavai Padavuthurai Survey Tower

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Traveling Directions to Illuppaikadavai Padavuthurai Survey Tower

From Mannar to Illuppaikadavai Padavuthurai Survey Tower
Via : Punareen Road
Total distance : 30 km
Duration : 30 minutes
Time taken: About 30 minutes
Driving Directions : View on Google Maps


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