Meegahakivula Wee Atuwa Ruins – මීගහකිවුල වී අටුව නටබුණ්

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To reach Meegahakivula Wee Atuwa Ruins, one needs to take the Ketawatta road from Meegahakivula for 2 miles and take a left turn towards Pimburaulpotha. After proceeding 500m you will find a stair way to the left. which leads to Jeewan ella (Deevan ella).

Pass the stair way to Jeewan ella and proceed towards Pimburaulpotha. Get a guide from the village to show you the place with ruins. “Wee Atuwa” is a table like structure where villages offered paddy to the kings palace and there was a caretaker for this place too. Now one could only see the remains of the pillars scattered around.

Source : Mysteries of Wiyaluwa reveled
by Ashan Geeganage

The marker on the Google Map below points to an approximate location. Please see description above.

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Map of Meegahakivula Wee Atuwa Ruins

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Travel Directions to Meegahakivula Wee Atuwa Ruins

Route from Badulla to  Meegahakivula Wee Atuwa Ruins

Distance : 29 km
Travel time : 45 mins
Driving directions : see on google map


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