Okandagala Ella Falls (ඔකඳගල ඇල්ල)

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Height :63 meters
District :Nuwara Eliya

Standing at 63 m, the Okandagala Ella Fall is a spectacular sight during the rains of the eastern monsoon, when the water reaches the Belihul River. Some say that from the bird’s eye view, achieved by climbing to the top of the rocks, the fall appears to flow from the sky. During a drought, however, it dries up completely. The wild undergrowth prevents visitors from viewing the fall at close range. According to folklore, treasure troves containing 32 crowns and assorted gems are hidden in the rock. A visiting king asked ‘is that the rock containing the treasure?’, giving the fall its name (‘okandagala’ means ‘is that the rock?’).

Take the Kandy highway towards Nuwara Eliya via Wathumulla, passing both the 42nd mile post and the second culvert. At the three-way junction, take the Mandarampura road. Near the Makandura Reservoir, there is a road that leads to Okandagala Mountain. This 2.5km journey is extremely difficult.

At the summit of Okandagala Mountain the Okandagala River flows, creating a minor fall (known as the Okandagala Sub-waterfall), which is 5m in height. Continue for a further 3.5km, past a huge mango tree to reach the fall, which cascades down a massive section of protruding rocks.

The marker on the Google Map below to the area of Mandarampura. Please see the directions above.

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