Peessa Ella Falls (පීස්ස ඇල්ල)

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Height :45  meters
District :Badulla

This 45m-high Peessa Ella Fall is enchanting and one of many in the Uva region created by the rains. Peessa Ella Fall is not widely known and is created from an aquifer at the peak of Lunugala Mountain. Later the water flows into the Kurakkan Oya (river), which flows across Madolsima. The fall is the only one in the area that flows all year round, regardless of droughts, even surpassing the better-known Dunhinda and Diyaluma Falls. When it rains, the extra volume of water makes Peessa Falls cascade in two streams.

Peessa Ella Fall is so named as ‘peessa’, in old Sinhala, refers to a place where people assembled. It is said that it was here that King Dutugamunu assembled workmen to construct religious edifices (Vihare, Dagabas etc). The 5km Peessa Canal irrigates about 20 hectares of land in the agricultural colony all year round. The starting point of the canal resembles a minor fall. There are also five turbines here supplying power to the surrounding area.

The nearest town is Passara in the Badulla District, Passara Electorate. Take the Passara – Bibile road and turn right at the 22nd mile post. Travel for 6km along the road running south. The fall is situated at the Peessa Agri-Colony. Transport can be arranged from Badalkumbura via Wallas Falls to Peessa village or from Hoptain Estate along the Kalugahatene road to Peessa village. Alternatively, travel from Badulla to Passara, continuing to Lunugala and on to the Hoptain Estate. Turn right at the top here and 8km along the road to Peessa, the fall can be found.

Another route is trekking along the path to the right of Peessa Canal road, which runs adjacent to the Peessa Canal Network. This is a journey of 1.5km through savannah grass undergrowth accompanied by the noises of the animals living there.

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Map of Peessa Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Peessa Ella Falls

The Peessa Ella Fall can be reached from the A5 ( Peradeniya – Badulla – Chenkaladi) road close to Lunugala. Traveling from Badulla you can reach Passara on the A5 road itself or take the B113 (Ella – Passara) road if you are coming from Ella area. If you are traveling from Buttala side, the shortest route will be B359 (Passara – Hingurukaduwa – Pelwatte) which starts from Pelwatte on the Buttala – Wellawaya road.

From Passara go towards Lunugala on the A5 at after about 15 kilometres you will come across a large advertisement board by the Uva Tourism Ministry. Take the road leading to the Peessagama as indicated and after traveling about 5-5.5 kilometres you will come across a double hairpin bend.

The steps leading to the Peessa Ella Falls is right on the hairpin bend.

This last segment of the road is not on the google maps.

Route from Badulla to Road leading to Peessagama Route from Ella to Road leading to Peessagama
Though : A5 road – Passara
Distance : 35 km
Travel time : 45 mins – 1 hour
Driving directions : see on google map
Though : Namunukuka – Passara
Distance : 43 km
Travel time :1-1.5 hours
Driving directions : see on google map
Route from Pelwatta to Road leading to Peessagama
Though : B359 road – Passara
Distance : 44 km
Travel time : 1-1.5 hours
Driving directions : see on google map


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