Perumal Ella Falls – පෙරුමාල් ඇල්ල

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Height :?? meters
District :Kandy

The little known Perumal Ella falls lies on the Galmal Oya stream few kilometers above the Victoria Reservoir bordering Knuckles Reserve in the Hakmana area.

Quote from : “We were supposed to meet up at Theldeniya but somehow they were getting late so I decided to head towards Rangala. 3Km’s from Udawela junction there was a name board directing towards a waterfall called Perumal fall. It was stated that there was 6.5km from Udaispattuwa junction to the waterfall. I took the road to Heel oya from Udaispattuwa.

Few kilometers along this road I came across a 3 way junction where I took the left turn. The road turned in to one disastrous ride after about 1km. I don’t recommend low ground clearance vehicles on this road at all. At the end of the road where a board directing towards Iskolamuduna, I parked my vehicle and started walking towards the river by foot. After crossing the river I found a foot path which ran uphill along the river. This then started to branch off and I always took the path close to the river and ended up in a land which was been cleared off for plantation. From this land I reached the river and crawled along the boulders to reach this beautiful and unique waterfall. It was like watching an overfilled damn spilling the excess water along the slope.”

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Map of  Perumal Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Perumal Ella Falls

Route from Kandy to Perumal Ella Falls

Through : Digana – Udawela – Udispattuwa
Distance : 35  km
Travel time : 1.15 hours
Driving directions : see on google map


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