Puwakmal Ella / Seetha Oya Ella (පුවක්මල් ඇල්ල / සීත ඔය ඇල්ල)

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Puwakmal Ella / Seetha Oya Ella
Puwakmal Ella / Seetha Oya Ella – by Ashan Geeganage
Height :37  meters
District :Kegalle

The amazing shrub jungle that forms the backdrop to this 37m-high Puwakmal Ella (Seetha Oya Ella)  fall is worthy of note. From Puwakmal Falls, it is also possible to see Ellapita Falls.

Head along the Deraniyagala – Malimbada road, past Magal Oya road to Halwathura Oya. Cross the Catherine Oya Reservoir and enter the Ethulgala Nursery Division. From here, walk for 1km through the tea bushes, past the Hindu kovil, to reach the fall. The Kitulgala rest-house is 23km away.

This fall is also known as Seetha Oya Ella locally .

After passing Uda Maliboda town you will come to the road which will lead you to the Puwakmal Ella Dewagiri Aranya Senasanaya which is a remote forest retreat of Buddhist monks. Top of the waterfall is easily reachable through this Aranya premises. From there you would need to find your way to the bottom through larger bolder path.

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Map of Puwakmal Ella / Seetha Oya Ella

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Travel Directions to Puwakmal Ella / Seetha Oya Ella

Route from Deraniyagala to Puwakmal Ella (up to Uda Maliboda Area)
Through : Deraniyagala – Panakure Road
Distance : 16 km
Travel time : ¾ hours
Driving directions : see on bing map ( Google Maps roads not available for this area)

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