Sampath Ella Falls – සම්පත් ඇල්ල

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Sampath Ella Falls
Sampath Ella Falls – by Dr Ashan Geeganage
Height :30 meters
District :Ratnapura

The stream flowing from Ampana, north of Kitulgala, creates three falls – Sampath Ella Falls at 30m is the biggest of them. Take the road to the village of Malwatte. Just before the village, there is a junction. Turn left and take the footpath through the rubber estate and up the slope. After a while, the fall comes into view. For a closer look at the fall, hire the services of a local guide.

The Kitulgala rest-house is 3.5km away.

Quoted from directions by Ashan [sic] ” After returning to Malwatte we decided to go and visit Sampath falls which was a 3Km hike, there are two paths to this waterfall we took the path which begins just after the junction. it was a cemented road which was on the left hand side from Malwatte.

As we traveled along this road we arrived at a small boutique and we were advised to continue our walk passing the rubber estate, some parts of the waterfall were visible to the road, specially the upper part. After passing the rubber estate we came to a “H shaped” shaped Un noticeable junction where the Short cut to Malwatte joins the main road.

From this junction take the upper left(Of the H) road and continue, this trail continues along a water stream (Liyan oya), after traveling trough this trail we crossed a bridge and came to a place where the trail goes across a water stream, we traveled about 40m upstream and there it was hidden between the bushes, the part visible was only the lower part, other parts were not visible because of the tall trees”

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Map of Sampath Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Sampath Ella Falls

Route from Colombo to Sampath Ella (up to Kitulgala)

Through : Awissawella
Distance : 88 km
Travel time : 2.5 hours
Driving directions : see on google map

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