Andahelena Ella Falls in Elpitiya – ඇල්පිටිය අඬාහැලෙන ඇල්ල

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Height : 12 meters
District : Galle

It is only from close range that the true beauty of the 12m Andahelena Ella Falls (aka Andahalena Ella, Handahelena Ella, Handahalena Ella)  can be appreciated, making the difficult approach well worth the trouble. A picturesque pool forms at the top, before the water cascades downwards. It is shrouded by trees such as ankenda (Acrounychia pedunculata), aarididda (Camponosperme zeylenice), bakmee (Nauclea orientalis), batadomba (Canarium zeylenicum), telkekuna, ehela (Cassia fistula), gotha (Pedalium murex), wanasapu (Cananga odorata), venivel (Coscinium fenestratum) and alsahora, which form a shady canopy over the water. Some say that the trees of the jungle are akin to monks protecting the four sublime states of living of Buddhism, giving all animals shelter and comfort.

Situated 6km east of Elpitiya town, in the village of Pituwala (in the Galle District’s Elpitiya Divisional Secretariat). The fall is located within 4774 hectares of jungle known as the Beraliya Mukalana (Beraliya Jungle). It is not possible to reach the fall by vehicle. The last part of the journey must be completed on foot, negotiating obstacles such as dense foliage and uneven ground.

To reach the waterfall from the Southern Highway, exit from Kurundugahahetekma and take the Elpitiya Road. From Elpitiya, take the Pituwala – Kahaduwa Road. Traveling 5km on this road, you will see a billboard directing towards Andahelena Ella at the top of the Diwankara Lena Road. This road will end at the Diwankaralena Aranya Senasanaya Monastery. This is a dilapidated road but motorable. You can park the vehicle at the Monastery Entrance. But its safer to stop your vehicle at the small open space near a boutique about 250 meters before the temple since the last road segment may be too narrow. From the temple entrance you need to take the footpath through the Beraliya Mukalana forest to reach the waterfall. The length of the foot path is approx 300 meters. Unlike in other waterfalls, a bathing pool lies at the top of the falls.


Being inside a isolated forested area, this location is used by drug addicts and petted thieves. A couple was murdered here by drug addicts in 2013, thus its advised not to travel alone. Leaches on the foot path could be a problem during wet season.

Alternate names : Handahelena Ella, Handana Ella, Handawetena Ella, Andana Ella, හඬාහැලෙන ඇල්ල, අඬාහැලෙන ඇල්ල, හඬාවැටෙන ඇල්ල, අඬාවැටෙන ඇල්ල, හඬන ඇල්ල, අඬන ඇල්ල

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Travel Directions to Elpitiya Andahelena Ella Falls

Route from Colombo to Andahelena Ella Falls

Route from Kurundugahahetekma to Andahelena Ella Falls

Through : Southern Expressway – Kurundugahahetekma  – Elpitiya
Distance : 101 km
Travel time : 2.30  hours
Driving directions : see on google map
Through : Elpitiya
Distance : 10 km
Travel time : 30 mins
Driving directions : see on google map


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