Corbet’s Gap at Knuckles Range – නකල්ස් කෝබට් කපොල්ල (අට්ටාලවෙට්ටුව)

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Corbet’s gap is a one of the most popular view points in the knuckles mountain range which spans the Kandy and Matale districts covering  an area of 18,512 ha. Called the Dumbara Hills (Misty Mountains)  in Sinhala due to ever present mist covering the mountains, the British called it Knuckles, since the range consists of 5 peaks taking the shape of a clenched fist. The five peaks, extending from West to South-east includes Kirigalpoththa ( 2388m), Gombaniya (1906m), Knuckles (1852m), Koboneelagala (1544m) and Dotulugala (1564m), respectively.

From Corbet’s Gap in the south, another ridge enters north east wards, more or less parallel to the Kalupahana range.

Locally known as Attala-Wettuwa, the British named this spectacular view point by the name of a British surveyor Corbet who mapped the area in the second part of the 19th century. This ridge is dominated by Dumbanagala (‘Misty rock 1642m) and Galtuna (3 rocks) it in turn meets the north west trending Telambugala (1332m) Welangala (1181m) ridge, is the finest peak of the whole.

The Corbet’s Gap is reachable by any vehicle through Hunnasgiriya – Meemure Road. From the Hunnasgiriya juction it is 19 km to the view point. This route will give one of the most spectacular view of the virgin forests of the central highlands of Sri Lanka and will take you up to the Meemure, a remote village far away from civilization. This is also the most popular route taken by trekkers to Corbet’s Gap as well as Meemure.

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Map of  the Corbet’s Gap at Knuckles Range

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Traveling to Corbet’s Gap at Knuckles Range

Route From Kandy to Corbet’s Gap at Knuckles Range

Through : Hunnasgiriya
Distance : 60km
Travel time :2.5 hours
Driving Directions : see on google maps


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