Demali Ella Falls (Twin Falls) – දෙමලි ඇල්ල

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Demali Ella
Demali Ella – photo courtesy of Ashan Geeganage
Height :105 meters
District :Ratnapura

Demali Falls is 105m in height and flows to the Deni River. It is said to have got its name from ‘demala’, meaning twin falls. There is a massive crevasse at the base of the fall. The fall is steeped in tales of folklore that also purport to explain the origin of the fall’s name. One is that a young Tamil (Demali) shepherd woman was carrying a pale of milk from Ambagaha Arawa village to Kiri Kandula village when she was startled by a nefarious king. The woman panicked and fled but tripped, fell into the fall and drowned.

Another story tells of the seraglio of a Tamil (Demala) minister. When he left to go to war, he told his seven queens that if he were defeated a white flag would be hoisted from his ship’s sails. If this were the case, he instructed them to flee in disguise. However, the white flag was hoisted by mistake so the queens naturally assumed the war had been lost and preferred to commit suicide rather than flee.


A further tale tells of how King Walagamba was waging war on the Tamils and as he passed the fall, a Tamil woman reacted by jumping into the water.

The nearby Hawagala Mountain is also associated with the Ravana epic. The arrow released in war games by King Ravana is said to have pierced seven mountains and penetrated two more mountain peaks. This narrowed the gap between the two peaks at Hawagala. The passage through the mountain is called the Ravana Passage.

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Map of Demali Ella Falls (Twin Falls)

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Travel Directions to Demali Ella Falls (Twin Falls)

The closest town is Balangoda, Ratnapura District. Traveling from Ratnapura, pass Balangoda and take the road to Passaramulla from Aluthnuwara. On the way you will see the waterfall pluging down from Hawagala.  There is foot path to the top of the waterfall from the road which you have to trek for about 2km.  You can reach the bottom through slippery paths through the mana trees which could be challenging at times.

Route from Ratnapura to Demali falls (upto Passaramulla)

Route from Balangoda to Demali falls (upto Passaramulla)

Though : Balangoda
Distance : 60 km
Travel time : 1.30 hours
Driving directions : see on bing map
Though : Ruwanwella Road
Distance : 15 km
Travel time : 30 minutes
Driving directions : see on bing map


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