Thalawathugoda Diyasaru Wetland Park (තලවතුගොඩ දියසරු උයන)

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Thalawathugoda Biodiversity Study Park (now known as the Diyasaru Park) is a wetland artificially built near the new Parliament Complex in Sri Jayawardanapura in a marshland. This park lies hidden behind the Parliament on the Japan Sri Lanka friendship road with only a small board visible to the road. Diyasaru Park covers approximately 60 acres with artificial ponds and canals where you could see over 50 varieties of migratory birds, over 15 fish varieties including three endemic to Sri Lanka and over 25 butterfly species. It is also home to few crocodiles and about five Fishing Cats (Prionailurus viverrinus) locally known as “Handun Diviya” and “Kola Diviya“.

Being a wetland, this park serves as home to many other different animals and marshy plants, dragonflies, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and many terrestrial and aquatic plant species indicating a high biodiversity value especially highlighting the value of urban wildlife. It contains a study centre, open study area, boardwalks for walking through the wetland, a butterfly garden, bird watching tower and bird hide, groundwater wells, a laboratory, a herbarium, a children’s pond, a wetland agriculture area, a rush and reed pond, a audio-video room and boat riding facilities.

Originally this park was a paddy land. During the late 1970s parliament lake was created and this land was used to deposit dredge material and cultivation ceased. At present it serves as a flood detention area, absorbing flood water during heavy storms and contributing to protecting the parliament area from being inundated. Some of its other benefits are lowering the city temperature, providing a place for students to conduct biodiversity practicals, and providing a recreational area for lovers of nature.

The park is open all seven days of the week from 6 AM to 6 PM.

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Map of  the Thalawathugoda Biodiversity Study Park (Diyasaru Park)

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Traveling to Thalawathugoda Biodiversity Study Park (Diyasaru Park)

Route From Colombo  Thalawathugoda Biodiversity Study Park (Diyasaru Park)
Through : Rajagiriya
Distance : 12.5  km
Travel time : 30-45 minutes
Driving Directions : see on google maps


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