Seethawaka Botanical Garden – සීතාවක තෙත් කලාපීය උද්භිද උද්‍යානය

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Seethawaka Wet Zone Botanic Gardens
Seethawaka Wet Zone Botanic Gardens
Photo by Prasad Srimal

Seethawaka (Sitawaka) Wet Zone Botanical Gardens was opened in 2014 covering 106 acres ( 43 hectares) with the primary purpose of serving as a research area and a conservation area for threatened and vulnerable endemic plant species in the Sinharaja Rain Forest region. Improving export floriculture, ex-situ conservation of wet lowland plants, and bamboo cultivation are also promoted in this garden.

The land used by this garden was established in 20th century as a plantation for Rubber and Tea, which was  known as “Pannagula”. But most of the land area was abandoned with time, which was taken over by Land Renew Commission. The construction of the Botanical garden on this reclaimed land commenced on 2008.

The park is open all seven days of the week and open from 6AM to 6 PM. Adults are charged a measly LKR 60/- and children below 12 are charged LKR 10/-. A boat ride costs 200 per person. There is a food outlet in the garden but you can take your food inside. Generally vehicles can be taken inside but generally vans are not allowed in in most botanical gardens. If you wish you can hire a electric golf cart from the entrance.

The lower part of the garden is maintained similar to a botanical garden with beautifully arranged flower patches, perfectly cut grass, and well maintained lake, where one can go for a boat ride. Further up, there is a high platform where you could have a grand view of the garden below and the mountainous surrounding. If you like bird watching, its recommended to go there early on weekday where there will be less crowd.

Seethawaka Botanical Garden is located in Illukowita, between Puwakpitiya and Labugama close to Avissawella. The easiest route to the gardens is throught the Avissawella road. Take the Puwakpitiya – Thunmodara road from the Puwakpitiya Railway Station. Travel 6 km to read the garden on the right. Other route is take the Bope road from Padukka and reach Labugama from Bope. From Labugama take the Puwakpitiya – Thunmodara road and travel for 3.5 km to reach the gardens. On this route you will also pass the Dambora Ella waterfall amd Thunmodara Ella waterfall . Traveling from Puwakpitiya you will pass the Kumari Wala Ella waterfall. Ella Uda Ella waterfall lies very close the garden and can be reached from the by-road in front of the gardens.

 Seethawaka Botanical Garden
Seethawaka Botanical Garden

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Map of  the Seethawaka Botanical Garden

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Traveling to Seethawaka Botanical Garden

Route From Colombo  Seethawaka Botanical Garden (route I)

Route From Colombo  Seethawaka Botanical Garden (route II)

Through : Kaduwela – Hanwella – Puwakpitiya
Distance : 52 km
Travel time : 2 hours
Driving Directions : see on google maps
Through : Kaduwela – Hanwella – Waga – Labugama
Distance : 49 km
Travel time : 2 hours
Driving Directions : see on google maps