Dun Ella falls – දුන් ඇල්ල

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Height :125 meters
District :Badulla

Dun Ella Falls (125m high and 3m wide) is split into three chutes that converge in a tributary of Loggal Oya Reservoir called Madu Walla Kandura. Annual deforestation of the land for chena cultivation means the land near the fall is bare and only 40 hectares of forest remain due to soil erosion. The woodland contains a variety of trees, including nelli, suriyamara, kolon, jack (Artocarpus heterophyllus), breadfruit, mee (Modhuca longifolia), weralla, alakola and woodapple. It is also home to wild boar, deer and hare.


It is said that long ago, King Rajasinhe’s soldiers obtained wax for their bows from the Mee trees. Many local people have the name ‘Dunukara Mudiyanselage’, which means ‘from the bowman’, adding credence to the story. The name of the village ‘Ittithambuwala’, which after dialectal changes became ‘Ittithampala’, denotes the clefts used in boiling wax.

Villagers also believe that King Walagambe used a cave here to hide from pursuing enemies. The natural heritage is a great source of pride to the locals. The fall is near Ittithampala village in Badulla District (Meegahakivula Divisional Secretariat, Wewathanne GS area). Take the Meegahakivula – Pitamaruwa road to Bogahatenne. Turn along the gravel path and travel for 6km to the Wewathanne National School. The road is in a dilapidated condition so consider a four-wheel drive vehicle. To the right of the school there is a footpath near a precipice – continue for 3km to reach the fall.

Note : The location of Dun Ella marked on Google Maps is wrong.

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Map of  Dun Ella falls

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Travel Directions to Dun Ella falls

The fall can be reached from Meegahakivula on the Meegahakivula – Pitamaruwa road as stated above. It is also possible to reach the falls from Passara on the madolsima-Kuruvigolla-Pitamaruwa road. ( download the KMZ  file for Dun Falls with surrounding villages/towns on the routes here or view it on the google maps here. )

Route from Badulla upto Madulsima

Route from Badulla upto Meegahakivula

Though : Passara
Distance : 40 km
Travel time : 1.5 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map
Though : on Mahiyangana Road
Distance : 25 km
Travel time : 45 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map

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