Aranayake Godigamuwa Ambalama – අරණායක ගොඩිගමුව අම්බලම

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Aranayake Godigamuwa Ambalama - අරණායක ගොඩිගමුව අම්බලම
Aranayake Godigamuwa Ambalama – අරණායක ගොඩිගමුව අම්බලම
Photo by : Lasantha Thilakarathna

Godigamuwa is a remote agricultural village off Aranayake in Kegalle district. The Ambalama lies in the middle of a paddy field in the village forgotten and dilapidated.

The structure built using granite blocks. The roof is held on nine pillars made from granite blocks. A short wall surrounds the building which also acts a bench. The unique feature of this Ambalama is the center platform made in form of a block which is not generally found. This ambalama might have also served as a central point for local meetings and this platform might have served as a table in such instances.

With the development of road network and public transport, Amabalama’s went in to gradually being disused and neglected. The same has happened to this structure and now lies next to a paddy field covered in shrubs. Roof is tiled with Sinhala Ulu (roof tiles). Few years ago it was reported that this Ambalama was ina dire need for repairs and few places in the roof had have caved in. But it seems that some repairs had been done thereafter but again gone in to negligence

To reach Godigamuwa, Take the Aranayake road from Mawanella. Godigamuwa lies 6 km down this road. This

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Aranayake Godigamuwa Ambalama before restoration
Aranayake Godigamuwa Ambalama before restoration
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Driving Directions to Aranayake Godigamuwa Ambalama

Route from Mawanella to Aranayake Godigamuwa Ambalama

Though : Ussapitiya
distance : 7 km
Travel time : 20 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map