Hambegamuwa Arambekema Buddhist Ruins – හම්බෙගමුව අරඹෙකෙම බෞද්ධ නටබුණ්

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The natural rock pool at the top of the Hambegamuwa Rock Plateau
The natural rock pool at the top of the Hambegamuwa Rock Plateau

Traveling from Balangoda, passing Kaltota you will come to Hambegamuwa village on the edge of the Hambegamuwa Reservoir. Four kilometers past the village you will come across a rocky plain on the left just adjoining the road. The only clue to any importance of this seemingly insignificant landmark is a newly built flight of steps to the top with a hand rail and the Arambekema Viharaya right opposite to the rock.

The work “kema” signifies a natural rock pool, specially natural pools created by cracks and depressions on the rock surface.  True to its name, A large natural pool can be found at the top of this rock. It is said that this pool has never dried up even during dry spells.

Walking around this rocky surface you will find some ancient steps cut in to the rock, an ancient path, a large square slab of rock which probably had been a flower alter revealing a glimpse of  its hidden ancient history.

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Map of Hambegamuwa Arambekema Buddhist Ruins

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Travel Directions to Hambegamuwa Arambekema Buddhist Ruins

Route from Balangoda to Hambegamuwa Arambekema Buddhist Ruins

Through : Thanamalwila Road
Distance : 56 km
Travel time : 1.15 mins
Time to spend : 30  mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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