Hanguranketha Ambalama – හඟුරන්කෙත අම්බලම

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Hanguranketha  Ambalama is an ancient wayside shelter built for the use of wary traveler over 150 years ago and lies in Hanguranketha between the Pothgul Rajamaha Viharaya and the Hanguranketha Vishnu Devalaya.  This building is comparatively large containing 2 rooms in addition to the open area.

It is believed that this Ambalama was built for wary businessmen to rest and the rooms were for locking up goods thay carry. It may be also possible that this Ambalama was built for the use of the pilgrims to Devalaya and Pothgul Viharaya Temple.

The Pinthaliya at the Hanguranketha Ambalama
The Pinthaliya at the Hanguranketha Ambalama

The Ambalama is primarily  made out of granite and roof carries a complex shape and today it is tiled with clay calicut tiles (rata ulu). The ambalama lacks any artistic decorations. The short wall around the open area is made out of large rectangular granite blocks. Granite pillars carry the roof of the building.  These pillars are square at the top and the bottom and the center area is octagonal.

In front of the ambalama lies a pinthaliya ( water container kept for the traveler) made out of a granite block. A plaque informs that this was donated in 1905 by a Salu Abhaya Gunasekara in memory of his parents.

Hanguranketha  lies about 32 km from Kandy town on the Haragama road.

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Map of Hanguranketha Ambalama

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Travel Directions to Hanguranketha Ambalama

Route from Kandy to Hanguranketha Ambalama
distance :32  km
Travel time : 1 hours
Time to Spent : 30 mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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