Hiriwadunna Sri Bodhiraja Forest Hermitage (හිරිවඩුන්න ශ්‍රී බෝධිරාජ ආරණ්‍ය සේනාසනය)

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Hiriwadunna Ruins along with its ancient bodhi tree lies just before Habarana Town about 1 km away from the main road.

This site came into the limelight a few years ago when a local priest published a conspiracy theory in a book called ‘Apa Upan Me Helabima Budun Upan Jambudweepayai’ (අප උපන් මේ හෙළබිම බුදුන් උපන් ජම්බුද්වීපයයි) arguing that the Buddha was born and lived in ancient Sri Lanka but by a master conspiracy of King Asoka of India, this was made to forget with time.

According to this book, Buddha’s birth location Lumbiniya is located in Theldeniya, Isipathanaya where the Buddha preached the first sermon is said to be Isinbessagala Viharaya in Medawachchiya. Kusinara where Buddha passed away is at Budugala and Bodh Gaya where Buddha attained a blissful state the Buddha is identified as Hiriwadunna and the ancient Bodhi Tree which is at the Hiriwadunna Monastery has been identified as the original Sri Maha Bodhi where Buddha attained nirvana.

A large slab of stone, probably an Asanagara ( symbolic seat of Buddha) lies at the bottom of the ancient bo tree now partially buried under the roots of the tree has been identified as the Vajrasanaya where Buddha sat during enlightenment.

A stream which flows nearby has been named the ancient Neranjana River. There is a type of tussock grass which is not generally not commonly found. This is said to be ‘Kusa Thana‘ which the merchants ‘Thapassu Balluka‘ offered to Buddha on the 7th week of enlightenment.

Ruins of an ancient Sakman Maluwa ( a promenade used for meditation) are identified as being made by the Muchlinda, the cobra king where Buddha spent his 3rd week after enlightenment. The ruins of the granite building nearby have been identified as the Ruwan Geya, where the Buddha spent his 4th week after enlightenment.

Irrespective of the validity of this conspiracy theory brought forward in the book which has been rejected by most and even banned from libraries, Hiriwadunna is a place to visit for those who are interested in Sri Lankan history and Buddhist heritage.

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Travel Directions to Hiriwadunna Sri Bodhiraja Forest Hermitage

Route from Colombo to Hiriwadunna Sri Bodhiraja Forest Hermitage Route from Dambulla to Hiriwadunna Sri Bodhiraja Forest Hermitage
Through : Divulapitiya – Giriulla – Narammala – Kurunegala
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Distance :22 km
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