Kalutara Raja Maruna Ella Falls – රජා මැරුනු ඇල්ල

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Raja Maruna Ella Falls
Raja Maruna Ella Falls
Source : srilankanwaterfalls.net
Height :7 meters
District :Kalutara

This 7 meter tall Raja Maruna Ella (Rajameruna Ella) Waterfall lies deep in side Kalutara District off Baduruliya. This is rather an unknown waterfall with no proper access.

Based on srilankanwaterfalls.net, directions to access this waterfall is follows;

Travel in the Hadilla road beginning from Hadilla junction for 3-5km to the Badurugala Junction. From here travel for one kilometer along the Dadurugallwatte Road and come to the Demuwawana Road. Travel a short distance and enter the forest conservation where a sodality of brooks is found. Follow a any of these brooks for a km distance and the Raja Maruna Ella waterfall could be viewed cascading between rock cavers.


Behind the Necklace of the fall is a 5km long cave. This is not visible but during a severe drought. Villagers consider exposure of the cave it self is an ill omen. A provincial king of Pailindamuwara, who took refugee here when pursued by warrior prince Veediya Bandara, is said to have got trapped and has been killed in this cave when heavy rain fell in. His death gave birth to falls name. Rare endemic fish species viz Bulath Hapaya, Dolapotaya lives in the stream.

Based on a Lakdasun report, the waterfall can be accessed as follows ;

Travel on the Kaluthara->Mathugama->Baduraliya to Badurugalla junction (Hadigalla road), From there take the Badurugalla estate road. Badurugalla estate road is badly damaged. You have to travel about 1.5-2km in this road to reach the waterfall.

You will see a small Buddha Image house with 4 long steps towards it in the right hand side of Badurugalla estate road. Go towards the temple and getting down to the tea patch. Then you will hear the sound of water stream. There is a foot path as well.

The below marker on the google maps points to a approximate area of the Rajamaruna Ella waterfall. See directions above.

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Map of Kalutara Raja Maruna Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Kalutara Raja Maruna Ella Falls

Route 1 from Kalutara to Raja Maruna Ella Falls

Though : Matugama Road
distance : 43 km
Travel time : 1.30 hours
Driving directions : see on google map

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