Kalutara Thudugala Ella Falls – තුඩුගල ඇල්ල

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Thundagala Falls - Kalutara
Thundagala Falls – Kalutara
Photo by Dr. Ashan Geeganage
Height :8 meters
District :Kalutara

The Thudugala Ella Falls is located in the 400+ hactare Thudugala Estate in Thudugala village at Kalutara District, Sri Lanka. Once owned by a British national, a derelict bungalow still remains near the waterfall. There is a natural swimming pool surrounded by Ketala plants and a giant pus creeper (fern) that has spread to cover an area of a hectare.  The waterfall drops in two steps The top part is about 8 meters and the lower part 6 meters.

Also within the Thudugala Forest Reserve, there are many species of birds. These include the Pale-Billed Flowerpecker (පිලිල සූටික්කා) which is considered the tiniest of the flowerpecker family, Yellow Wagtail (හැලපෙන්දා), White Throated King Fisher (ලැම සුදු පිළිහුඩුවා) , Brown Headed Barbet (පොළොස් කොට්ටෝරුවා) and Crimson Fronted Barbet (රත් ලය කොට්ටෝරුවා).


It is also reported that fresh water fishes such as Goby species (වැලිගොව්වා), Stone Suckers (ගල් පාඩියා), Golden Rasbora (හල්මල් දණ්ඩියා) and animals such as Toque Macaque (රිළවා), Purple faced leaf monkey (කළු වඳුරා) and the Sri Lankan Birdwing Butterfly (සියොත් පියා) which the National Butterfly of Sri Lanka can be found in the vicinity.

This waterfall is a popular bathing place for locals. A interesting feature here is that a tunnel runs under the waterfall and comes out on top at a side to it. Unfortunately this area is now being used for a oil palm plantation which has impacted the flow of water on the steam.

The route to the waterfall starts from Katukurunda Junction off the Galle Road; 5 miles (8.0 km) from there on Matugama Road to Thudugala junction and from there 8 miles (12.9 km) to the waterfall.

It is said that there are number of waterfalls along this stream specially a beautiful fall called Sita Ella. Location unknown.

When traveling from Thudugala junction, you will come to another junction called “Ellagāwa (Near the waterfall) Junction” with a signboard of a rubber plantation so you can easily recognize it. From there, if you want to go to the waterfall and its natural bathing places, you will have to take the left road which runs over a small bridge nearby. The right road will lead you only to an artificially created bathing place which is said to be muddy but used to lure visitors to small hotel nearby. The left road will take you to the dilapidated house of the British owner and from there you need to walk along the river in the estate to reach the Thudugala Ella waterfall and its beautiful bathing pools.

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Map of Kalutara Thudugala Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Kalutara Thudugala Ella Falls

Route from Kalutara to Thudugala Ella Falls
Though : Matugama Road
distance : 12 km
Travel time : 20 mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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