Kotagapitiya Ambalama – කොටගපිටිය අම්බලම

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Kotagapitiya is a small village in Kothmale and is best known as the village that prince Dutugemunu ( who later liberated the island from invadors and became King Dutugemunu) lived most of his younger life hidden from his father after sending him female jewellery.

A small Ambalama lies on the narrow road to Kotagapitiya (Kotagepitiya) which is believed to be built by the prince. Known as the Kotagapitiya Ambalama, it is built on a square platform made of granite blocks.  The roof is held by four finely cut granite pillars.

two benches on the two opposite sides are also made of granite. The roof is now covered in corrugated tin roofing sheets.  Two granite balustrades decorate the entrance of the ambalama. Carvings of a lion and a elephant in addition to some carvings of creepers can be seen on these balustrades.

The pointer on the Google Map below marks only a approximate location

Alternate Names : “Kotagepitiya Ambalama”

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Travel Directions to Kotagapitiya Ambalama

Route from Gampola to Kotagapitiya Ambalama
distance : 21  km
Travel time : 45 mins
Time to Spent : 15  mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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