Kotmale Kadadora (Dehadu Kadulla) – කොත්මලේ කඩදොර (දෙහදු කඩුල්ල)

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Renovated Dehadu Kadulla also know as Kothmale Kadadora
Renovated Dehadu Kadulla also know as Kothmale Kadadora

Kothmale is a picturesque land surrounded by hills  deeply embedded in Sri Lankan history. Kothmale is first recorded in history when the King Panduwasdeva (504-474 BC) carried out a devil dance by the Demon (yak) tribes living in Malaya Rata which is now Kothmale. But Kothmale is most prominent in the life of King Dutugemunu (161-131 BC) where he spent 24 years of his life as a young boy in exile in the Kotagepitiya village in the  house of Urupelesse Gammahage as a herdsman.

In the ancient times, there has been 4 main entrances to Kothmale called Kadadora, Watadora, Niyangandora and Galdora. Today only Kadadora entrance remains to be seen. Kadadora is also known as the entrance which prince Gemunu used to enter Kothmale.

History states that the prince hid his royal sward inside a tree near the Kadadora which is also known as Dehadu Kadulla today. This has been restored and the entrance is flanked by 2 walls of layers stones. The access is flight of steps paved with stone.

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Travel Directions to Kotmale Kadadora (Dehadu Kadulla)

Route from Colombo to Kotmale Kadadora (Dehadu Kadulla) Route from Gampola to Kotmale Kadadora (Dehadu Kadulla)
Through : Peradeniya – Gampola – Ulapane
Distance : 145 km
Travel time : 4.5 hours
Driving directions : see on google map
Through : Ulapane
Distance : 18 km
Travel time : 40 minutes
Driving directions : see on google

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