Lakshapathiya Kshetrarama Maha Viharaya – ලක්ෂපතිය ක්ෂේත්‍රාරාම මහා විහාරය

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The stone Buddha statue at Kshetrarama Maha Vihara, Sri Lanka
The stone Buddha statue at Kshetrarama Maha Vihara, Sri Lanka
By L Manju – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Kshetrarama Maha Viharaya is an ancient Buddhist temple lying in Lakshapathiya off Katubedda in Moratuwa. This temple is also known as Kekirideniye Viharaya The temple has been formally recognized by the Government as an archaeological site in Sri Lanka.


Kshetrarama Maha Viharaya at Lakshapathiya was established in 1829 by the chief monk, Ven. Weligama Sri Sumanatissa Thero. He resided at the Saranapala Maha Vihara in Walana during that period. Notable among the archaeological interests and monuments of the Vihara are the old Buddha shrine, the Seema Malakaya, and the Bhikkhu dwellings. The old image house, with a seated stone Buddha statue, gets special attention as it is a Kandyan era feature. However, its original appearance was altered as part of substantial renovation works which took place in 2012. The two-storied Seema Malakaya building of this temple appears to incorporate architectural features of the World War II period. It displays unique and rare features that aren’t seen at any other Buddhist shrine in the country. This makes it a unique travel destination. The library of the temple stores many valuable ola leaf volumes containing the book of Tripiṭaka as well as other ancient volumes.

To reach the temple you need to take the De Mel road from Katubedda junction and travel for 1.2 km along this road.


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Map of Lakshapathiya Kshetrarama Maha Viharaya

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Travel Directions to Lakshapathiya Kshetrarama Maha Viharaya

Route from Colombo to Lakshapathiya Kshetrarama Maha Viharaya
distance : 19 km
Travel time : 35 mins
Driving directions : see on google map