Minuwan Ella Falls – මිනුවන් ඇල්ල

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Height :18 meters
District :Matale Kegalle

Deraniyagala – Noori Road is dotted with many waterfalls, Some known and many un named and unknown. Unfortunately water on the most of these waterfalls have been diverted to mini hydro power plants reducing the water volumes on these waterfalls. Therefore these waterfalls are best viewed during the rainy season when the water volumes are at highest.

Minuwan Ella waterfall cluster consist of 4 segments. The top most segment is 4 meters high. The 2nd segment is again about 4 meters high. The 3rd segment is the tallest with a height of 18 meters. The 4th segment is about 3 meters. Considering all 4 sections this waterfall is 29m high.

The Minuwan Ella fall it self is another waterfall which has fallen pray to a Hydro project basically drying up the whole river down stream. The waterfall almost disappears when the rain is scarce. Therefore its best visited during rainy period where the stream will have excess water after feeding the mini hydro plant.

The LCWF database has placed the Minuwan Ella fall in the Matale District. This is a mistake.

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Map of  Minuwan Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Minuwan Ella Falls

Route from Dehiowita to Minuwan Ella Falls

Through : Noori Road
Distance : 24 km
Travel time : 30-40 mins
Driving directions : See on Google Maps

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