Niyamgamdora Rajamaja Viharaya and Pattini Devalaya – නියම්ගම්දොර රජමහා විහාරය හා පත්තිනි දේවාලය

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Although the origin of the Niyamgamdora Pattini Devalaya is unknown, it is believed that the Devalaya has been built during the Kandyan Era.

Based on the ‘Kothmale Purawurtha’ written by a P. B. Kehelgamuwe in 1935, according to legend, the Pattin Devi appeared in a dream  of a old woman in the area and told her that the Pattini Devi’s foot bracelets are hidden in a bush nearby and asked her to clean and purify herself, pickup the the bracelets and to build a kovil at the site.


The next day the old woman did as requested and fond the a beautiful anklet and  worshiped it. As she was bringing the hands together, the anklet floated on to her hand. 

She immediately built  a temporary hut at the very place and kept the anklet to be worshiped. The villagers found that a period of good fortune fell upon them after appearance of the anklets ( Pattini Salamba), converted the kovil to a Pattini Devalaya dedicated the goddess Pattini her self.

The Pattini Devalaya building , Aluthnuwara Devalaya Building and the Bodhi Prakara Wall (of the Niyamgamdora Rajamaha Viharaya)  have been named as protected monuments by the Department of Archaeology.

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Map of Niyamgamdora Rajamaja Viharaya

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Travel Directions to Niyamgamdora Rajamaja Viharaya

Route from Kandy to Niyamgamdora Rajamaja Viharaya

Through : Gampola – Ulapone – Kotmale
Distance :60 km
Travel time : 1.45 mins
Driving directions : see on google map


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