Padaviya Thopawanaya Vehera Godella

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Padaviya Thopawanaya Vehera Godella
Padaviya Thopawanaya Vehera Godella ඡායාරූපය : Hasitha Janakantha

The Tapovanaya Vihraya in Padaviya is located on the rocky plateau at the starting point of the Padaviya reservoir dam. Today this is a fairly modern temple.

However on the top of this rock you find dilapidated remains of a rather large stupa. So far, it does not seem that any conservation has been done here. Today this appears as a large mound of earth.

It is generally believed that King Saddhatissa (137-119 BC) built Padaviya reservoir. Therefore it can be assumed that this ancient temple complex too belongs to that period. But today only the ruins of this stupa remain of this complex.

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Map of Padaviya Thopawanaya Vehera Godella

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Driving Directions to Padaviya Thopawanaya Vehera Godella

From Anuradhapura to Padaviya Thopawanaya Vehera Godella
Through : Horowpathana
Distance : 90km
Time to drive : 2 hours
Time to Spend : 30 -45 minutes
Driving Directions : see Google Map here


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