Piyangiri Ella Falls (පියන්ගිරි ඇල්ල)

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Height :44  meters
District :Badulla

There is a large stone well at the foot of the 44m Piyangiri Ella Fall , with evidence of a dam. According to folklore, the Piyangiri Ella Fall has a direct effect on the weather. Local villagers say that if the Diyavini Falls flows first, the rains will be delayed, resulting in a poor harvest and leaving people open to disease. If the Piyangiri Falls flows first however, bountiful harvests and good fortune would result. Stone gutters exist in the caves (Kattram). The villagers perform a ritual called ‘Kirimadu’ here to usher in good fortune. The fall is situated along the Alangoda – Weligapola road.

The waterfall lies close to the ancient Sri Devagiri Raja Maha Viharaya and the Diyavini Falls. It is said that there is a massive 128 feet long cave with drip ledges along the waterway between Piyangiri and Diyawini Falls somewhere high up on the mountains.

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Map of Piyangiri Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Piyangiri Ella Falls

Route from Balangoda to Piyangiri Ella Falls Route from Kaltota to Piyangiri Ella Falls
Distance : 25 km
Travel time : 45 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map
Through : Budugala Viharaya
Distance : 17 km
Travel time : 30 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map

There is a discontinuation of the road on the google maps. Coming from Balangoda you need to travel 2 km further down the same route and turn left and travel about an 1 km distance towards the waterfall. Coming from Kaltota, this turn off is about 1 km passing the point “B” on google maps.

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