Poramadulla Ambalama – පොරමඩුල්ල අම්බලම

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Poramadulla Ambalama
Poramadulla Ambalama
photo by chinthake wijeratne

Poramadulla is a town lying 1.5 km from Rikillagaskada towards Hewaheta. At the 4 way junction of Poramadulla town, you will come across a large cement arch to the right, the entrance to the Poramadulla Vidyakara Maha Vidyalaya. Hidden by this arch on a side you will find the dilapidated Poramadulla Ambalama neglected and forgotten.  Ambalama is a way side rest built during the times of kings at various strategic places on popular routes for the weary traveler to rest or sleep the night.

Many of the Ambalama found today had been built during the Kandyan kingdom. Some were built using granite and wood exquisitely carved with various designs popular during this era. But later, aesthetics lost its importance and they were just built for their utilitarian value.

Poramadulla Ambalama is a square building with half height walls built with granite blocks. Four pillars rise from the corners built similar the walls. A clay tile roof rests on these pillars. This building is in a highly decayed state due to lack of maintenance.

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Travel Directions to Poramadulla Ambalama

Route from Kandy to Poramadulla Ambalama
Through : Tannekumbura – Haragama – Hanguranketha – Rikillagaskada
Distance : 38 km
Travel time :  1.30 hours
Time to Spent : 15 – 30 mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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