Ruins at Inginiyagala Ovagiriya – ඉඟිනියාගල ඔවාගිරිය නටබුන්

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Unique octoganal platfrom of Ovagiriya Stupa
Unique octoganal platfrom of Ovagiriya Stupa
Photo by Dr. Ashan Geeganage

Ovagiriya (Owagiriya)  archaeological site is in Ampara District in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. This ruined site was explored and discovered by the Department of Archaeology on request of the Gal Oya Development Board.

Most of the ruins  at Ovagiriya at the time of discovery  had been destroyed by the operation of tractors of the Gal Oya Development scheme. Ruins of a stupa, an image house, capital of stone pillars, guard stones, Korawak gal (Balustrades),  flat clay tiles used for roofing, etc. are scattered over an area of 7-8 acres. The Chemical Conservation Division of the Department of Archaeology commenced conservation of the headless and handless Buddha statue of 11 ½ feet in height, in the year 2008. At the time of commencement of conservation, the shoulder portion of the statue was broken and fallen, on the ground. It was lifted and kept in the standing position with the help of a wooden frame and a lever.


Ovagiriya ruins are dated back to the 5th century or before. The  Department of Archaeology has now restored granite Buddha statue, the Stupa and some of the buildings including the image house. A unique feature of the stupa is that it is built on an unusual octagonal (atapattam) platform instead of a circular or square platform.

Photo courtesy : Dr Ashan Geeganage

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Map of the Ruins at Inginiyagala Ovagiriya

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Driving Directions to Ruins at Inginiyagala Ovagiriya

Route from Ampara to Ruins at Inginiyagala Ovagiriya

Though : Inginiyagala Road
Distance : 19 km
Travel time : 20mins
Driving directions : see on google map