Thandikulam Buddhist Ruins In Vavuniya

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Thandikulam Buddhist Ruins In Vavuniya - වවුනියාවේ තන්ඩිකුලම් බෞද්ධ නටබුන්
Thandikulam Buddhist Ruins In Vavuniya – වවුනියාවේ තන්ඩිකුලම් බෞද්ධ නටබුන්

The Administration Report of the Archaeological Commissioner for the year 1979 contains a description of a cluster of stone pillars belonging to an ancient image house and remains of a stupa hidden in a land leased to a lawyer in Thandikulam;

The ancient site of Kadikulam is seen on travelling along the Vavuniya-Jaffna road for about 2 miles and then passing along the bund of the Kadikulam tank for about 1½ miles and arriving at the long lease land given to an attorney-at-law. The following ancient monuments are recognisable in a .ruined state: an image house with the stumps of four rows of pillars, except one which now stands to a height of 7½ feet. The dimensions of the building are 27ft 11in x 18ft 2in. Tile and brick fragments are strewn about; on the eastern side is a dagoba in the jungle with a large hole dug by treasure hunters, now partially filled with earth and debris. The dagoba is at present I0 ft high. Between the image house and the dagoba, about 15ft to the north direction, there is a stone slab inscription measuring 7ft 7in x 1ft 1in which may be dated to about the first or second century. (For greater safety this slab was removed to the Residency, Vavuniya.)

No information whether these ruins have been totally destroyed or conserved is known. The directions given above are quite detailed and the marker below is based on the directions above.


  • De Silva, R. and Karunaratne, W., n.d. Administration Report of the Archaeological Commissioner for the year 1979. 1st ed. Colombo: Department of the Government Printing, p.43-44.

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Driving Directions to Thandikulam Buddhist Ruins

Route from Vavuniya up to Thandikulam Buddhist Ruins
Though : Omanthe Road
Distance : 3.5 km
Travel time : 10 mins
Time to spent : about 30 mins
Driving directions : see on google map