Udadumbara Kahatagolla Waterfalls – උඩදුම්බර කහටගොල්ල දියඇලි

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Udadumbara Kahatagolla Ella -1 just above the bridge.
Udadumbara Kahatagolla Ella -1 just above the bridge.
Height :Waterfall 01 : ~15  meters
Waterfall 02 : ~05  meters
Waterfall 03 : ~07  meters
Waterfall 04 : ~15  meters
Waterfall 05 : unknown
District :Kandy

Udadumbara lies on the Kandy –  Mahiyanganaya road after few kilometers passing Hunnasgiriya. Traveling along this road, a bridge is found at the 43 km post. The water steam which pass over this bridge is called Kahatagolla Oya and flows through the knuckles reserve. The first waterfall is found just above the bridge flowing at a angle. The water twists and turns over the contours of the rock underneath. The falls starts wide and then narrowing at the center and again widens at the bottom again. The stream flows underneath the bridge thereafter and disappears in a drop.

There are 5-6 waterfalls beneath the bridge hidden under the foliage. 2nd waterfall is about 5 meters in height and the 3rd  is about 7 meters in height. The 4th is a steep fall which is at least 15 meters in height. These waterfalls can be accessed by climbing down passing the bridge.  To see the rest of the waterfalls beneath these, you need to travel further on the Mahiyangana road to Haloya junction and walking across paddy fields to reach a point where you can see them from far.

These  waterfalls does not appear on the LCWF list.


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Map of  Kahatagolla Waterfalls

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Travel Directions to Kahatagolla Waterfalls

Route from Kandy

Route from Matale

Through :Pallekele – Theldeniya
Distance : 45 km
Travel time : 1 hour  30 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map
Through : Hasalaka -Gurulupotha
Distance : 40  km
Travel time : 1 hour
Driving directions : see on google map

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