Waulpane Ella Falls – වවුල්පනේ ඇල්ල

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Waulpane Ella Falls
Waulpane Ella Falls
photo source : http://travelinlanka.wordpress.com
Height :45m
District :Ratnapura
Alternate spellings : Waulpone Ella, Wavulpane Ella, Wavulpone Ella, Vaulpane Ella, Vaulpone Ella

This 45m Waulpane Ella fall is one of nature’s unique creations. It is an internal waterfall within a prehistoric limestone cave, which according Sri Lankan and French scientists who came here on an expedition in 1960, is 500 billion years old. It is the oldest such cave on the island and the millions of bats that have set up home here are an awe-inspiring sight.

The cave is 135m in length and has two parallel doors. In addition to the main cave, 12 others can be found here. To the right above the door is the bat colony and the cave in which they give birth is known as the ‘Malwathu Room’ (Garden Room). It can be dangerous however, as reptiles slither their way inside, attracted by the presence of the bats’ young. The limestone formation covers an area of 52km2. Within the cave is a limestone pit, which is still growing. There are fossilised remains of an animal here. Adjacent to this is a layer of sea coral. So many and varied are the attractions of the cave, a television program was made about it in March 2002.

Around 100 plants unique to Sri Lanka thrive in the area surrounding the fall. The calcium carbonate, iron hydroxide and magnesium that cause the yellow-coloured water in the aquifers, is believed by village elders to cure skin ailments.

The Waulpane Ella fall is located in Wavulpane limestone caves at Walapane village, Ratnapura District (Kolonne Divisional Secretariat, Kumburugamuwa GS area). Take the road from Pelmadulla towards Embilipitiya for 15km. Here take the Sanwardene Mawatha road up to Walapane School. It is a trek of 1km across the proposed new Walapane highway to reach the fall.

Source : www.srilankanwaterfalls.net

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Map of  Waulpane Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Waulpane Ella Falls

Reach Pallebedda on the Palmadulla – Embilipitiya road and from the Thuntota junction at Pallebadda, take the Pallebadda – Bulutota road. Travel approximaletly 10 km on this road to reach the access road to Waulpone hamlet.

This road is on the left and is called the “Waulpone Sanwardana Mawatha”. This is a narrow and undeveloped road where only vehicles with higher ground clearance could travel. Idealy a 4×4 should be used to travel on this road. Waulpone Hamlet lies 3 km down this road.

From the hamlet, you need to hike about 1 km on foot paths to reach the Cave Complex where you would find the Waulpane Ella Fall.

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