Kurundu Oya Ella Falls (Maturata Ella)

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Kurundu Oya Ella Falls (Maturata Ella) - කුරුඳු ඔය ඇල්ල (මතුරට ඇල්ල)
Kurundu Oya Ella Falls (Maturata Ella) – කුරුඳු ඔය ඇල්ල (මතුරට ඇල්ල)
Height :189  meters
District :Nuwara Eliya

At 189m, Kurundu Oya Ella Falls (Maturata Ella) is the second highest fall in Sri Lanka. From its source, the Kurundu River, the water cascades down into a deep ravine before later joining the Mahaweli River.

Located in the Nuwara Eliya District, to reach the fall take the road from Nuwara Eliya to Kandapola. After 18km the road winds past the Piduruthalagala ravine and the Coodoogala Jungle. Continue for another 11km until the Kurundu River and turn right by a stream. After 2km, it is not possible to continue by vehicle; park and walk onwards, past the tea pickers. The fall is situated 100m further into the tea plantations

There are two routes to view the upper part of the fall from Walapane both very tough and require a 4×4. One route is through the Japanese Peace Pagoda of Walapane. Traveling about 5 kilometres you can see the upper part of the Kurundu Oya Falls.

The other is passing walapane driving towards Ragala . Taking the road towards the Tamil School of the Mahauva Estate (lying between Walapane and Harasbedda) you can get another view of the fall after traveling about 8 km on this road.

Another route is through Padiyapelella through Maturata Plantation Estates. An estate road from Padiyapelella leads towards the fall. This is again a 4×4 road with a hike at the end.

Alternate Names : Krudu Oya Ella, Kruduoya Ella, Krundu Oya Ella, Krunduoya Ella, Maturata Ella

Kurundu Oya Ella Falls (Maturata Ella) Video

An informative video clip by Nade Gura Travel & Conservation Society

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