Aluthdivulwewa Purana Tampita Viharaya

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Aluthdivulwewa Tampita Viharaya is located in the temple known today as Sri Jayasumanaramaya. This temple is located in a beautiful plot of land near the embankment of the ancient Divul Wewa reservoir. Although this temple has been modernized, the ancient Tampita viharaya remains intact.

According to legend, Divul Wewa reservoir was built by King Vasabha (65-109) in the first century. Therefore, it is believed that this temple also belongs to the same period.

It is believed that the existing Tampita Viharaya was built during the Kandyan period. Tampita Vihara are temples built on a wooden frame which lies on a group of stone pillars. Rarely you can see the use of wooden posts instead of stone pillars. This Tampita Vihara is a type of architecture that was popular in the Kandy period.

At Aluthdivulwewa Tampita Viharaya entrance, only one gatekeeper statues exists today. Regrettably, the other has been lost to time, leaving only one to stand guard. The exterior of the viharaya is painted in white. Stepping inside, one is greeted by the interior walls that bear the artistic imprints of the Kandy era, replicating the rich cultural heritage of the region. However, it is disheartening to note that the lack of proper maintenance has led to the gradual deterioration of many paintings, diminishing their original splendor. Currently, only three statues remain within the sacred confines of this Viharaya.

It is stated that this Tampita Viharaya was examined in the archaeological commissioners report in 1979. In addition, it has been mentioned that after going along the dam of the Divul Wewa reservoir behind the Tampita Viharaya, stone pillars were discovered of an ancient building behind paddy fields.

When journeying from Anuradhapura towards Kahatagasdigiliya via Mihintale, after covering approximately 20 kilometers, you’ll encounter a junction leading to Galenbindunawawa. Following this road for about 7 kilometers from Galenbindunawawa, you will arrive at Aluthdivulawewa. If your starting point is Habarana and you wish to reach this temple, your journey will span approximately 37 kilometers.


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Travelling Directions to Aluthdivulwewa Purana Tampita Viharaya

From Anuradhapura to Aluthdivulvewa Purana Tampita Vihara
Via : Mihintale – Galenbindunawawa
Total Distance : 47 Kms
Duration : 1 Hour 
Duration :   Around 
30 Minutes Driving Directions :  View on Google Map


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