Anandakulama Tissa Forest Hermitage in Trincomalee

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Sri Thissa Raja Maha Viharaya - Anandakulama mountain range — in Trincomalee.
The rocky mountain of Anandakulama Tissa Forest Hermitage – The Buddha statue can be seen on the highest peak.
Image courtesy of Dr. Ashan Geeganage

As you travel towards Kanniya Hot springs from Trincomalee about 2 kms to the turnoff to the well (5.8 km from the Trincomalee Town) you will come across a unique rock formation on the Anandakulama rocky mountain range. On the extreme top of the  formation which looks as rocks balanced on other rocks you will a new Buddha statue hugging the sky. This is the Anandakulama Forest Hermitage which had been a forest dwelling for the Buddhist monks for thousands of years in the past.

The temple lies on the mountain range close to the Anandakulama Tank. To reach the temple you need to take the road towards the tank embankment in front of the provincial educational office which connected to A6. The new temple lies close to the end of this embankment . 3 drip ledge caves can be found in the jungles of the rocky outcrop.

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Map of Anandakulama Tissa Forest Hermitage

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ගූගල් සිතියම වෙනත් ස්ථාන වලට චලනය කර ගෙනයාමෙන් එම ප්‍රදේශයේ වැදගත් ස්ථාන බලාගත හැක.

Travel Directions to Anandakulama Tissa Forest Hermitage

Trincomalee to Anandakulama Tissa Forest Hermitage
Distance : 6 km
Time to Travel : 15 mins
Time to spent : 1-2 hours
Driving directions : see Google Map here