Athurugiriya Ambalama – අතුරුගිරිය අම්බලම

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Athurugiriya Ambalama over 100 years old now in a dilapidated state.
Athurugiriya Ambalama over 100 years old now in a dilapidated state.
photo by : Lalith Kekulthotuwage

Ambalama is a place constructed for pilgrims, traders and travelers to rest in Sri Lanka in the ancient past. Travelers either walked or used bullock carts to travel long distances.

It was believed that to build these Ambalamas for the use of travelers is a meritorious deed and to pollute them is an unpardonable sin. On this belief people of means did not hesitate to construct these resting places on suitable locations and they tried their best to keep- them spick and span.

The ambalama at Athurugiriya is an rather unknown building with no known history. However this construction is similar to the Kotte Gal Ambalama with plain stone pillars and brick walls but much larger.  Two large granite pillars consists the door frame to the ambalama. Adjoining this structure to the left lies an large well with a climbing down step to access the water.

The ambalama is highly dilapidated today. An elderly gentleman has made it his home and keeps the surroundings in clean state. The leaky roof has been patched with galvanized sheets. A small shrine has been built on top of a post underneath the ancient Bo tree next to the Ambalama.

The Ambalama lies about 500 meters from the Athurugitiya highway entrance towards the town.

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Map of Athurugiriya Ambalama

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Driving Directions to Athurugiriya Ambalama

Route from Matale to Athurugiriya Ambalama

Though : Dambulla Road
distance : 15 km
Travel time : 20 mintutes
Driving directions : see on google map

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