Madawala Stone Inscription – මැදවල ශිලා ලේඛනය

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madawala Stone Inscription
madawala Stone Inscription
Picture source : Daily News

Madawala is a village in Pahatha Dumbra of Kandy District. This valuable inscription is located in a land called Akuraketugalewatta. This inscription has been made on the 47th  year of King Parakramabahu VI s reign (1414-1466) and is written in modern Sinhala characters.

It is said that the king Parakramabahu VI has stopped at Madawala to rest on his way to visit to Polonnaruwa from his capital of Kotte. During his stay not only he obtained rice and other grains but also recruited soldiers for this army. As a gratitude the king donated land to a villager and this inscription was written in memory of this incident.

The inscription states that the Revenue from Madawala Village in Dumbara and field of six amuna in sawing extent and the land including the plantation and jungles were granted as inheritance to the silversmith Paramanaya and his son Suriya, being provided that they should remain as long as the sun and moon exists and that no king, sub-king, officers like ministers should cause trouble or disturbance.  The record also state that this record was cut in stone in the presence of Dantotavature Devan and Divanwathure Lanka Adhikarin by the ten Aghampadis on the full moon day of Vesak in the 47th year of the reign of king Parakramabahu VI.

The inscription can be reached by traveling about 500 meters on a side road from the the Madawala town. Although archaeology department has setup some name boards, some villages has encroached this place putting up fences claiming this land. In 2012 it was reported by a news paper that the villagers are encroaching this land and the people has tried to destroy this rock using dynamite. Madawala is a currently Muslim dominated area.

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Map of  Madawala Stone Inscription

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Travel Directions to Madawala Stone Inscription

Kandy can be reached from Colombo on the old Colombo – Kandy road (option 1) which is scenic but heavy in traffic specially on Fridays and Sundays. However the new Central Expressway (option 2) has opened up a new route which is longer but less cumbersome.

Route 1 from Colombo to KandyRoute 2 from Colombo to Kandy
Though : kadawata – Warakapola – Ambepussa – Mawanella
Distance :120 km
Travel time : 3.45 hours
Driving directions : see on google map
Though : Katunayake Expressway – Central Expressway – Kurunegala
Distance :150 km
Travel time : 3.20 hours
Driving directions : see on google map
Route From Nuwara Eliya to Kandy
Though : Walapane – Raja Mawatha
Distance :100 km
Travel time : 3.0 hours
Driving directions : see on google map

Route from Kandy to Madawala Inscription

Route from Digana to Madawala Inscription

Through : Mahaiyawa
Distance :10 km
Travel time : 30mins
Driving directions : see on google map
Through : Madawala – Rajawella Road
Distance :9 km
Travel time : 20 minutes.
Driving directions : see on google map

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