Monastic Ruins of Bogaswewa in Vavuniya (වවුනියාව බෝගස්වැව පුරාවිද්‍යා භූමිය)

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Bogaswewa is an ancient village between Vavuniya and Padaviya. Bogaswewa is reached from Vavuniya passing multiple ancient Buddhist settlements. Etambagaskada, Erupothana, Mamaduwa and Sapumalgaskada are some of the sites which you would pass to reach Bogaswewa.

Rev Medhananda describes this site located in a chena cultivated by the villagers of Bogaswewa. The ruins are found at a higher elevation. The villagers have separated this area for worshipping. A structure 24′ x 20′ with 10 upright pillars and 20 in lying position is seen here. A Sri Pathula gala lies by a side. There is a dilapidated stupa, 40′ radius and 18′ in height.


  • Medhananda, E. (2005) The Sinhala Buddhist Heritage in the East and the North of Shri [i.e. Sri] Lanka. Colombo, Sri Lanka: Dayawansa Jayakody & Company.

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Monastic Ruins of Bogaswewa in Vavuniya

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Traveling Directions to Monastic Ruins of Bogaswewa in Vavuniya

Route from Vavuniya to Monastic Ruins of Bogaswewa
Through : Etambagaskada – Mamaduwa – Sapumalgaskada
Time to spend – 30 mins
Distance : 36 km
Travel time : 1 hour
Driving directions : see on google map


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