Budugehinna Rajamaha Viharaya (බුදුගේහින්න නාග මහා විහාරය)

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– The Temple That Is Called Punchi Dambulla Len Viharaya –

Budugehinna Rajamaha Viharaya, locally better known as the “Punchi Dambulla Len Viharaya” due its resemblance to the popular Dambulla Cave Temple, lies 14 km off the Galewela town.

The temple is is said to have been occupied by the Buddhist monks since the 3rd century BC but the current temple has been built during the Kandian Era. The main image house is built underneath a long cave filled with Buddha images. 2 parallel drip ledges, 3  feet apart has been cut in to the cave to avoid water dripping in the cave.  An inscription lies between these two drip ledges.

Inside the cave lies a multitude of images belonging to the Kandyan era. One standing image is carved out of granite, which probably belong to the Anuradhapura period. This image has been destroyed by treasure hunters some time ago but now restored.

On an higher area from the main image house lies another smaller charming cave image house also of the Kandyan era. On the grounds of the cave temple lies a large oil lamp made of a granite block and some Siripathul Gal (carved footprint of Buddha). The Siripathul stone was used as a object of worship before statues were built to represent Buddha.

Budugehinna Rajamaha Viharaya can be reached along the Galewala – Kalawewa road close to the 32 kilometer post and close to the Devahuwa colonization scheme.

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Traveling Direction To Budugehinna Rajamaha Viharaya

Route from Colombo to Budugehinna Rajamaha Viharaya Route from Dambulla to Budugehinna Rajamaha Viharaya
Though : Kurunegala – Galewela
distance : 151 km
Travel time : 4 hours
Driving directions : see on google map
distance : 16 km
Travel time : 30 mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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