Dolapihilla Ambalama in Poojapitiya – පූජාපිටිය දොලපීල්ල අම්බලම

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Pujapitiya Dolapihilla Ambalama
Pujapitiya Dolapihilla Ambalama
Photo Credits : Sunethra Ratnayake

Pujapitiya (Poojapitiya) is a small town 14 km away from Kandy towards Matale. Dolapihilla Ambalama is fairly large wooden wayside rest been part of the ancient network of Ambamama’s located close to Pujapitiya town right next to the Dolapihilla Maha Vidyalaya.

An Ambalama is an wayside rest generally built by a royal or by a wealthy merchant in the area for those travelling from town to town. It was considered that it was a great deed of merit to built an Ambalama for the weary travellers. In addition to its original purpose, these buildings also played an important role in the community. This was the general meeting place for villagers to gather in the evenings and also a formal meeting place of the village. Ambalamas were built in Sri Lanka from ancient times. Geiger said that the words ‘mahavata vatussala’ found in the marble slab inscription of King Mahasen (274-301AD) meant a resting place along a major street.

Dolapihilla Ambalama at Poojapitiya is built on a raised platform made of stone blocks. Two blocks of stone act as the steps to enter the building. The Ambalama stands on a thick wooden frame laid on 12 rocks on the platform. 12 wooden pillars carry the weight of the roof. The roof is tiled with typical flat tiles common during the Kandyan era. The wooden beams which hold the tiles are connected together at the top at a point known as Kanimadala or Madol Kurupawa. The equal force of  each beam hold beams in place without any wooden or iron nails. This is the most common way Ambalama roofs  were built during the Kandyan Era.

In addtion to the wodden frame witch could be used to sit, another square frame built using large timber

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Map of Dolapihilla Ambalama

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Travel Directions to Dolapihilla Ambalama

Route from Kandy to Dolapihilla Ambalama
distance :14 km
Travel time : 45 minutes
Time to Spent : 30 mins
Driving directions : see on google map


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