Eli Hatha Waterfalls in Uda Maliboda (උඩ මාලිබොඩ ඇලි හත)

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Fall number 2 of Eli Hatha -
Fall number 2 of Eli Hatha – photo courtesy of: Ashan Geeganage
Height :100 meters
District :Kegalle

This 100 meter high Eli Hatha  waterfall is in fact collection of 7 waterfalls on the Naya River on the Sri Pada Nature Reservation. Each fall is identified by a number starting at the bottom. Even though not very popular among the average traveler, this is popular location for ardent hikers. In 2012 it was reported that a mini hydro power plant is being built on this Nature Reserve violating many environmental regulations by an doctor with close government connections. A dam is being built at the waterfall number 3 and the water will be diverted to the turbine at the waterfall number 1. If this project is allowed to go ahead, the waterfalls numbered 4, 5, 6 and 7 will get completely dried up.

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Map of  Eli Hatha Falls

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Travel Directions to Eli Hatha Falls

Upper 4 falls of Eli Hatha
Upper 4 falls of Eli Hatha – photo courtesy of: Ashan Geeganage

The closest town is Uda Maliboda ( Ihala Maliboda) and from here you will need a guide to help you reach the waterfalls. Public transport is available up to Uda Maliboda from Deraniyagala but the schedules may not be very reliable. Hike to all the 7 waterfalls and the climb back is a full 2 day hike and you will need to prepare yourself camp in the jungle. Uda Maliboda is a small town and supplies will have to be purchased from Daraniyagala.

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