The Rock of Beds of Gerandigala – දමුණුමුල්ල ගැරඬිගල ගල් ඇඳන්

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Gerandigala Rajamaha Viharaya
Gerandigala Rajamaha Viharaya
Image courtesy of Dr. Ashan Geeganage

The aptly named Gerandigala (the rat snake rock) is a rocky outcrop over 1 km in length running in parallel to the Galewela – Kalawewa Road near the small town called  Damunumulla.  Unlike may other rocky outcrops with flat top surface , the spine of this  rock holds number of precariously balanced boulders placed like the plates on the spine of a ancient dinosaur making it unique and the climb difficult.

At the southern end of the rock lies the Gerandigala Rajamaha Viharaya, a temple patronized by the ancient kings but modernized over time. Still, the spectacular view of the Galewela area from the stupa on top of the rock is worth a visit to this temple.


The cave image house, the five drip ledge caves and the two rock inscriptions of the temple has been declared as protected archaeological monuments by the department of archaeology.

The rock beds of Gerandigala, also known by the villagers as “Gal Andan Gala” ( Rock bed rock) lies in the center of this rock. Smoothly carved six beds on the surface of the rock,  underneath a spinal rock probably used by the meditating monks millennia ago provides an incredible view of the area. As in many remote places in the country, you will need a friendly local villager to act as the guide. The rock beds  or “Gal Endan” lie a little over 1 km walk from the temple or you could take the vehicle pass Siyambala Wewa and then walk rest. The climb and the path to the rock beds are through the spine rocks at the top with just enough space to squeeze between the wall of the rock and the precipice, not a route for person with vertigo. ( Sigiriya and Beyond – page 76- 77)

At the northern side of the rock about one kilometer from the temple, the two rock inscriptions can be found.

primary source : Sigiriya & Beyond

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Map of The Rock of Beds of Gerandigala

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Travel Directions to The Rock of Beds of Gerandigala

Route from Galewela to The Rock of Beds of Gerandigala

Through : Damunumulla
Time to Spend : 2-4  hours
Distance :4 km
Travel time : 15 min.
Driving directions : see on google map


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