Yahangala – The Rock of Beds at Nawa Kotte – නව කොට්ටේ යහන්ගල ගල් ඇඳන්

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You will find number of  rocks named Yahangala in different areas of the country.  Loosely translated as Rock of Beds, all these rocks have been buddhist monasteries in the ancient times and what is common in all of them are the beds cut in to the rock inside caves.

The Yahangala referred here is a massive rock with number of caves and 12 rock beds in a remote village accessed through the Galewela – Andiyagala road.

Based on publication “Sigiriya and Beyond“, the site is accessed through Ranaviru Shokarathne Mawatha near the 29th kilometer post on the Galewela – Andiyagala road. 4.5 km along this remote road you will reach a small temple at the base of the rock. It is also possible to reach this site by taking the by road from Bulanawewa from the Bulanawewa Temple on the Galewela – Andiyagala road.

A long inscription found at the bottom of the rock has been placed in 2nd century AD by professor Paranawithana. His interpretation of the inscription has led to suggest that the patron of this ancient monastery has come from kingdom of Sumatra.

In addition to the ruins of this ancient monastery the site gives an excellent 360 degree view of the surrounding area.

It is advised to speak to a priest and make your intentions known before attempting to climb the rock. With treasure looters destroying every bit of heritage, as in many remote ruined areas, the villagers are always vigilant and wary of outsiders roaming around thus gaining their trust is important before embarking on such a journey.

primary source : Sigiriya & Beyond

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Map of Yahangala

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Travel Directions to Yahangala

Route from Galewela to Yahangala

Through : Bulanawewa
Time to Spend : 1 – 1.30 hours
Distance :12 km
Travel time : 20 min.
Driving directions : see on google map

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