Buddhist Ruins on the Habarana Rock – හබරන ගල මුදුනේ බෞද්ධ නටබුණ්

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Dilapidated stupa at the top of the Habarana Rock with the Habarana Reservoir in the background.
Dilapidated stupa at the top of the Habarana Rock with the Habarana Reservoir in the background.
Image courtesy of Dr. Ashan Geeganage

Habarana is known for many tourist attractions but unknown to most, ruins of an ancient monastic complex lies on top of the Habarana Rock.

The rock lies close Habarana Reservoir sandwiched between the reservoir and the Hotel Habarana Village by Cinnamon.

At the top is a rocky plain with some natural ponds and a ruins of a fairly large stupa with a rough circumference of 140 feet completely delipadated and probably looted.  This stupa is still worshiped by the villagers.

At the upper end of the rock is eleven lines of Brahmi Script which has been attributed to king Kanittha Tissa (192-194) which informs of a system of measuring paddy from fields of specific persons and calculation of grain tax for the reservoir. It also sets out how the tax should be distributed for the maintenance  of the reservoir and monasteries.

There is also a belief that this stupa is the tomb of king Kashyapa (477-495) although some believe the stupa at the bottom of the Pidurangala Rock is that of the tomb of Kashyapa. None of these beliefs have been substantiated other than through folklore.

The rock can be reached through the road which runs to Habarana Village hotel or from the side of the Habarana reservoir. To reach this end, travel approx 500 meters on the Maradankadawala Road from Habarana Junction and take the narrow road which leads to the reservoir bund.

In addition to the ruins, the location provides an spectacular view of the surround area including the Habarana Reservoir.

primary source : Sigiriya & Beyond

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Travel Directions to Buddhist Ruins on the Habarana Rock

Route from Dambulla to Buddhist Ruins on the Habarana Rock

Through : Airport Highway – Negombo – Nattandiya – Kuliyapitiya – Panduwasnuwara – Kobeigane
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