Kirioruwa Ambalama – කිරිඔරුව අම්බලම

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Kirioruwa  Ambalama (Kiri Oruwa  Ambalama) is a small ancient wayside rest made of brick and mortar hidden away from popular road network between Bandarawela and Attempitiya. The Amalama was more or less destroyed and only the parts of the walls and some corrugated sheets  were remaining by 2012. (See the photos here)

This ambalama has been completely reconstructed in 2013 and what is seen today is this re constructed building. How much of its original design and architecture had been preserved is not known. The Kirioruwa Ambalama has been identified as a protected monument by the department of archaeology since 2009.


To reach the ambalama, take the Attempitiya road from Bandarawela for 5 km to reach the Aislaby Tea Factory. There is a narrow road infront of the tea factory which leads the Aislaby Estate Office. The ambalama can be reached by traveling approx. 750 meters up this road.

The marker on the Google Map below points to an approximate location. Please see directions above.

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Map of Kirioruwa Ambalama

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Travel Directions to Kirioruwa Ambalama

Route from Bandarawela to Kirioruwa Ambalama
distance : 18 km
Travel time : 45 mins
Time to Spent : 15  mins
Driving directions : see on google map


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