Milla Ella Falls (Gona Wetuna Ella) – මිල්ල ඇල්ල (ගොනා වැටුන ඇල්ල)

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Milla Oya alls - Gona Wetuna Falls
Milla Oya Ella Falls – Gona Wetuna Falls
Photo by Dr. Ashan Geeganage
Height :?? meters
District :Badulla

Milla Ella Falls also known as Gona Wetuna Ella lies in the Badulla District and is reachable on the Passara – Lunugala Road. The fall hidden deep in the jungles off the Milla Badda Pirivena ( Temple) and will require a local guide to take you the fall. The route through the jungles is perilous and tough.

From a trip report to this waterfall …

…. So we took the road named Kanchana which was about 1.5Km towards Lunugala (from millebedda). After traveling about 5Km’s we reached a house where we halted the trishaw and walked towards the Power hydro project work site located on top of the waterfall……… We did walk along the Mill oya stream and reached the location where water was diverted and followed the concrete canal under construction for some distance. We stepped in to the jungle at a point where we thought it would be an easy approach to the base. It was a steep downhill descend and we had to crawl holding on to creepers at many instances too. Finally we reached the base of a stream but yet the waterfall couldn’t be seen. After climbing few huge boulders with uttermost difficulty we reached the base of Mill oya falls which was also known as Gona wetuna ella. ….


The full Roport can be seen at here

The directions to the Milla Ella Waterfall  provided by the Lunugala Pradesheya Sabha is little different. Travel on the Passara – Lunugala Road upto Hopeton Kovil. Travel further 30 meters toward Lunugala and take the Hopeton Bangalawatta road and travel a further 4km on the road. To reach the waterfall you need to hike a further 700 meters from the road.

Milla Oya alls - Gona Wetuna Falls
Milla Oya Ella Falls – Gona Wetuna Falls
Photo by Dr. Ashan Geeganage

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Map of  Milla Ella Falls (Gona Wetuna Ella )

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