Muttur Galkanda Temple Ruins – මුතුර් ගල්කන්ද විහාරය නටබුණ්

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View of the entrance of Muttur Galkanda Temple Ruins from the A5 road
View of the entrance of Muttur Galkanda Temple from the A5 road
Image courtesy of Dr. Ashan Geeganage

Galkanda Temple is a temple built on a ancient Buddhist Temple Complex in Muttur. The entrance to the temple is through a recently built lion mouth painted in white. The ancient ruins are located at the top of the hill. A fairly large stupa sits at the top. This stupas has not yet being restored.

The top of this mountain gives one of the most spectacular views in the Trincomalee Area. Travelling from Trincomalee towards Serunuwara, the Galkanda mountain range can be rising above the flat fields just as you pass the Muttur town.  The lion mouth can easily identified glittering in white at the bottom of the mountain.

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Map of the Muttur Galkanda Temple Ruins

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Traveling Directions to the Muttur Galkanda Temple RuinsKayankerni

Route from Trincomalee to Muttur Galkanda Temple Ruins

Through : Kinniya – Muttur
Distance : 32 km
Travel time : 45 minutes
Driving directions : see on google maps


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